What is Goum?

Goum is the name of an informal community of trekkers which started out of Europe. For the last 48 years, we have been taking young adults to the desert, in France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and the Holy Land. We seek to regain our freedom and unity by escaping urban life and walking God’s beautiful nature for a week. We are Catholics, a priest always walks with us, but we welcome people from any faith. Some 40 raids are organized every year. We want to share this unique experience with our American brothers and sisters in faith.

What does the word « Goum » mean?

The first to try, in 1970, this experience of the desert, called themselves “Goums” because it was a name that reflected what they were trying to achieve. Goum is a very old word from the Middle East which means independence. But not independence to lay on the sand and sunbathe. Independence to set out and answer to the call from above! For the Goums, the desert is not a simple object of curiosity or an opportunity for adventure with beautiful landscapes. The desert is, for us, a sacred place. We live there without affectation, like Bedouins. With the simplicity, the long-distance walking, the solidarity, the camping under the stars, we discover the barren trails and the mountain tops! A word that we have adopted since 1970 to signify our taste for true and singular adventures, our experience of freedom, shared and transmitted, our thirst of meaning and unity!