By embarking on a “raid”!

The first thing you must do to begin the Goum adventure is to leave! Leave your home, your family, parents, friends and comfort… This is necessary to find yourself in the immensity of the desert. In small groups of 15 to 20 people, we walk under the sun until dark, where we meet to install our camp. A hike of close to 100 miles over 7 days, with only a map and compass, for 5 to 7 hours a day. A hike that requires a certain effort, as a challenge.
A priest accompanies every raid, to testify of the love of Christ for each of us and to allow us to meet Him every day through the Holy Communion. Spirituality is first and foremost obtained with our feet! The long hike transforms us whole by refocusing us on the essential things. By walking, we learn to know ourselves, to build, to exist and to reach out to others… and to the Lord!