Wyoming, July 2018

Franco-American Goum Trek
July 20-28, 2018

From and to Douglas, Wyoming, in the Laramie Peak area.
Trek led by Stéphane de Saint Albin and Alain Priour,
with Father Bill Hill (Douglas, WY) and Father Tanguy-Marie Pouliquen (Toulouse, FR)

Disconnect from the virtual word…

…to reconnect with what really matters!

  • Ever felt that life is running too fast, and that you’re not really in control?
  • When was the last time you stopped to breath and think?
  • Ever realized that the endless hours spent in the virtual world keep you away from what is essential?
  • Are you ready to break free from your smartphone for a week?

Welcome to God’s country!

This is your personal invitation to disconnect from everything that enslaves you, day-in, day-out: social networks (yes, indeed!), worries about time and money, the comfort of your air-conditioned life, any small or severe addictions (tobacco, alcohol, food, etc), any regrets about the past or concerns about the future. Disconnect fully, for a week, in order to reconnect with what really matters:

  • Reconnect with yourself,
  • Reconnect with God, your creator,
  • Reconnect with others, on a level you may have not experienced in a long time.
Walking God’s beautiful Earth together as a small ‘tribe’

Here’s the program in a nutshell:

Daily meditation of the scripture.
Daily mass.


Finding the (right) path on the map.
Walking 12 to 15 miles per day.
Serving others as Christ served his disciples.
Sleeping under the stars.

Ready for the adventure?

Contact Stéphane via email: sdesaintalbin at yahoo.com